What kind of photos can I upload?

Pictures with your friends, animals, family or just one by yourself are ok! Just remember to show your pretty face, because no one likes a headless torso!!

Below are a few of the photo policies we enforce to keep the Skout streets a little cleaner:

1. Don't post nudity! If you think your photo has borderline nudity, DON'T TRY TO POST IT.

2. Refrain from posting photos of overly suggestive poses.

3. We don't want to see your undergarments, you aren't Madonna! Keep your underwear under your clothes where they belong!

4. No shirtless pictures indoors or in bathrooms, the lighting is bad and they look creepy- go outside and show it off!

5. Make sure we can see your pretty face! No one wants to see a headless torso.

6. No images of violence or lewd behavior.


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