What do I do if a user is making me feel uncomfortable?

We want everyone to have fun, and feel safe on Skout. 

You are the boss of your profile on Skout! If there is another user who is making you uncomfortable, saying inappropriate or hurtful things, or sending you pictures of things you don’t want to see, you have the ability to block that user and/or report them. Once you block a user you can no longer see them and they can no longer see you. Keep in mind that this process is currently irreversible so if you block a user, you can not unblock them in the future. If you would like to report or block someone, you can follow these directions:

From the website: Go to the user's profile page and click on “More” in the upper right hand side of the page. There you will see the words 'Report' and 'Block.' Click on report and you'll be prompted to tell us your reason for reporting. You can also block the user from there.

From your phone: Go to the user's profile and click 'More'. From there you have the option to select 'Report' or 'Block.'

A user can be reported for sexual content, violent or repulsive content, hateful or discriminatory content, harmful and dangerous content, copyrighted content, spam or a scam, or underage content.


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